Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Water Heater

It is one of the most popular Solar Water Heater with high quality & reliability that gives an excellent performance even in adverse weather condition. Manufactured in a State-of-the-art facility using best of the material & machineries, ‘eleCtra’ is a symbol of excellence. The use of high efficiency evacuated tubes ensure maximum absorption of Solar energy & the high quality insulation of the tank ensures negligible drop in hot water temperature in nights or cold climatic condition. It is helping our several valued users to substantially save their electricity bills or any other fuel like gas, diesel etc.


The ‘eleCtra’ Solar Water Heater consists of a series of Evacuated Tubes connected to a common insulated tank. Each evacuated tube consists of two concentric sealed glass layers with vacuum inside to prevent heat losses. To maximize heat absorption & to reduce heat emission loss, a highly selective environment friendly 3 target absorber coating layer is applied on the wall of the inner tube. The system works on the thermos flask principle. Initially the tank along-with tubes are filled with cold water. When sunshine falls on the tube, the heat is absorbed & water becomes hot. Because of the density difference between cold & hot water, a continuous natural circulation happens inside the system & thereby the entire water is heated up.

Features Of ‘eleCtra’ Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Water Heater

  • Say good bye to electricity, gas & other fossil fuels
  • Near Zero Maintenance
  • Modular Design & easy to install
  • High efficiency Evacuated Glass Tubes with absorptivity > 92% & emissivity < 0.065
  • 3 Layer absorber target coating – (i)Cu for Infrared Reflection Layer, (ii)SS-AlN for Bonding agent cum absorption layer, (iii)AlN–Absorption cum antireflection layer
  • Tube OD, Length, Thickness: 58 mm, 1800 mm, 1.6 mm
  • Inner & Outer Sealing: High temperature silicon rubber, EPDM
  • Structure: Hot Dip Galvanized, Powder coated
  • Tank: SS, MS, GI
  • Tank Insulation: PUF (38 kg/m3& 50 mm thick), Rockwool (100 kg/m3& 100 mm thick)

Technical Details

Tank Capacity Number Of Tubes Tube Size Tank MOC Collector Area (m2) Suitable For Number Of Persons Installation Space Required (NS X EW)
100 10 Nos 58 mm OD X 1800 mm Length SS 304 L,

SS 316 L,


1.5 3-4 2.5 m X 1.2 m
150 15 Nos 2.25 5-6 2.5 m X 1.7 m
200 20 Nos 3 7-8 2.5 m X 2.2 m
300 30 Nos 4.5 10-12 2.5 m X 3.4 m
500 34Nos 58 mm OD X 2100 mm Length 6.5 16-20 3.0 m X 3.4 m

Savings In Using ‘eleCtra’ 100 LPD System

Parametres Electricity LPG (10500 kCal/kg) Diesel (8500 kCal/Ltr) PNG (8500 kCal/SCM)
Per Day Savings 3.5 Units 0.34 kg 0.42 Ltr 0.42 SCM
Price Per Unit Rs. 7.00 Rs. 70.00 Rs. 58.00 Rs. 35.00
Per Day Saving Rs. 24.50 Rs. 23.80 Rs. 24.36 Rs. 14.70
Annual Usable Days 300 Days 300 Days 300 Days 300 Days
Annual Savings Rs. 7350.00 Rs. 7140.00 Rs. 7308.00 Rs. 4410.00

ETC Manifold

In case of large commercial & industrial projects, where hot water requirement is in substantial quantity, Evacuated Tube Manifolds are used. Set Of 50 Tubes (25 on each side) are connected with a common header manifold in the centre. Cold water enters the manifold & tubes from bottom, gains heat energy from the Sun & flows upward. Based on the system design, numbers of manifold collectors are connected in a combination of series & parallel connection. Flow & circulation of water is regulated through suitably designed pumping system as per the process requirement.

FPC Solar Water Heater

It is a Solar Collector where Copper Fins are connected with Riser Tube (Copper) by ultrasonic welding. Tube & fins are coated with special Solar Selective Coating to increase the heat absorption from solar energy. Series of riser tubes are connected with bottom cold water header & top hot water header. Water gains heat from solar energy & flows upwards.

  • Hot water upto 700C
  • Collector Area: 2.0 m2
  • Dimension: 2025 mm L X 1025 mm W X 96 mm H
  • As per IS Standard IS 12933 Part 1: 2003
  • Riser material: Copper (Minimum 99% Cu)
  • Fin: Ultrasonic welded Copper
  • Absorber Coating: Solar Selective Coating
  • Box material: Aluminum extrusion, Anodized
  • Collector Insulation: Rockwool pads for side & bottom
  • Top Cover: IS 2553 (Part 1) Toughened glass >82 % Transitivity
  • Reflector Foil: Aluminium reflector
  • Bottom Plate: Aluminium
  • Structure: Powder coated
  • Tank: SS, MS, GI

Tank Insulation: PUF (38 kg/m3& 50 mm thick), Rockwool (100 kg/m3& 100 mm thick)

Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater

The ‘eleCtra’ solar Heat Pipe works on the principle of Thermo-Siphon. The Copper Heat Pipe is filled partially with special heat transfer liquid & Aluminium fin or plate is attached to the Heat Pipe to increase the heat absorption area. The entire arrangement is enclosed in Evacuated Glass Tube. The Heat Pipe has two portions – (1) shaft& (2) condenser bulb. Shaft is placed inside the Evacuated Tube Collector & the bulb is connected to a header manifold. Once solar energy is gained by the shaft inside Evacuated Tube, the heat transfer liquid is heated up & partially become vapour inside the heat pipe. The liquid & vapour mixture moves up & releases heat in header manifold (bulb). Thus the water inside the manifold gets heated upto 1200C.

Technical Details

Tank Capacity
Number Of Heat Pipes
Tube Size
Tank MOC
Collector Area (m2)
200 20 Nos 58 mm OD X 1800 mm Length SS 304 L,SS 316 L,Galvanised Steel 3.0 m2
300 28 Nos 4.5 m2