In a world, where costs of fossil fuels are rising, their reserves are fast depleting and the environment is at risk, the Sun can be an ideal solution for our energy needs. The sun, with its inexhaustible energy reserve, can cater to the entire world’s energy needs for few millenniums and hence, presents us with unlimited possibilities. Moreover, solar energy is clean energy which helps us breathe easy & pure.

Presenting eleCtra, a range of solar water heating solutions from the house of Electrotherm. Manufactured with premium quality material in a state-of-the-art plant, our Solar Water Heaters work even in the toughest of climatic conditions and freezing temperatures. Solar water heaters and products under the eleCtra brand are your best bet in terms of value for money, efficiency and longevity.

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  • Hotels & hospitals
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical
  • Automobile
  • Dairy industries
  • Food & beverages
  • Textile & leather
  • Any process industry


  • Hot water for washrooms, laundry & kitchen in home, hotels, hospitals, hostels
  • Boiler feed water for pre-heating
  • Jacketed vessels heating
  • Pasteurization & CIP in dairy industries
  • Vessels or line washing & cleaning
  • Hot water for floor washing & cleaning
  • Hot water for component washing or pickling process (5 or 7 tank)
  • Hot water for leather or textile dying
  • Pulses, nuts, fruits, vegetable drying
  • Tray dryer or fluidized bed dryer
  • Hot water for process & various types of process heating


  • MNRE approved manufacturer
  • Strong installation base across India for more than 50 lakh LPD SWHs
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing set-up of 5000 square meter in Ahmedabad
  • Manufacturing capacity of 72 lakhs (7.2 million) LPD systems per annum
  • Manufacturing capability of single tank of 10 kilo litre
  • Strong engineering & execution capability with a team of 100 plus engineers & technicians
  • PAN India sales & service network of 200 dealers & distributors
  • Capability of designing & manufacturing any customized solution
  • Integration expertise with conventional source for seamless operation & reduction in fuel consumption

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